Virtual Summit 2020

“The Next: Moving Beyond Obstacles, Embracing New Possibilities, Making the Bold Decisions.”

Attendees will learn how to navigate legal topics and issues related to church management from two of the AME Churches brightest legal experts. It is important for all churches to stay in compliance by learning of the AME Churches policies for record keeping, social media ethics, and other issues. 

Presenters: Rev. Eduardo Curry, Esq. and Judge Tamara Curry

Learn how to best structure your virtual ministry to reach, teach, and build community with members by using technology tools. Keep your congregation engaged and thriving the use of effective communication, organization, and planning. All participants will also receive exclusive updates on the new partnership with Subsplash to take all AME7 churches to the next level.   

Presenters: Subsplash Strategic Partnership Team 

During the pandemic, we learned about ministry beyond physical structure of the church. Learn how to design exciting ministries that builds congregational engagement and meets the needs of people in one of the most critical times. 

Presenter: Rev. Tony Lee, Senior Pastor, Community of Hope AME Church

Churches have been impacted significantly due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In some congregations, the devastation has affected finances harder than others. As churches continue to pivot in ministry opportunities, it is important to make necessary decisions to develop a budget that continues to place ministry as a high priority. Learn how to make important financial decisions for the ministry setting that will enable to the church to live its mission through new and innovative ways.

Presenter: Dr. William Watley, Senior Pastor, St. Phillip AME Church, Atlanta

This session is devoted to helping church leaders learn how to provide ministry to members, particularly students, living with different learning intelligences and abilities. In our efforts to minister to all within God’s body, participants will learn strategies and best practices for supporting students and their families to build engagement. 

Presenters: Sis. Cara Davis and Sis. Ravonne Vant

Digital Discipleship is one of the latest terms added to how we understand evangelism and the connections we make with others. Sharing our faith and telling our stories will help bring the gospel to places beyond our borders. Learn how to best assimilate people using discipleship tools so that they become disciple makers within your local church community

Presenter: Rev. Trey McDonald, ACS Technologies

The key to maintaining and strengthening church memberships is through personal connection. This year try to incorporate the class leader system by introducing exciting small or life groups to build excitement in congregations. People will talk over each other accidentally. There will be technology hiccups. What a great opportunity to experience the grace of the gospel as a community. 

Presenter: Rev. Russell St. Bernard

Disciples are made, not born. Whether they are babes in your arm, teens leaving the nest, or fully established professionals, making disciples starts with you. Rethink your teaching ministry with practical and fun approaches to helping anyone learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus in this digital age.

Presenter: That Sunday School Girl (Sis. Waynell Henson)

Learn to create professional videos and have fun in the process of creating videos.
Video Review And Collaboration.
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