What Do You have to be Thankful for?

What Do You have to be Thankful for?

What Do You have to be Thankful for? 1001 669 7th District AME Church - South Carolina

Did you know that expressing gratitude can make your body and mind happier and healthier? On today, families and friends will reflect upon the ways we give and receive thanks in our lives. Consider expressing intentional gratitude to God as we journey through Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Gratitude is a perspective and attitude that not only makes us feel happy, but helps us to have positive, mutually satisfying relationships. When we incorporate daily gratitude into our lives, we honor God and allow joy to enter our hearts.

What do you have to be thankful for?

We want to encourage you to take some quality time during this season to reflect and consider unrestricted gratitude.

Take this challenge and write down at least 25 things that you are grateful for this year. Don’t make it too complicated, write whatever comes to mind. If you run out of space, use another sheet. 🙂

“Somedays are tough, but we have a lot to be thankful for.” – Kid President

Try this fun reflection activity with friends and family:

Before eating, turn to each other and tell each other about a time when someone thanked you for something you did for them. Tell each the story of what you did for that person, why you did it and how they expressed gratitude to you.

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