[7th District Advent Journal] Day 1: Waiting in Expectation

[7th District Advent Journal] Day 1: Waiting in Expectation

[7th District Advent Journal] Day 1: Waiting in Expectation 1024 768 7th District AME Church - South Carolina

Day 1: “Waiting in Expectation”

The Rt. Reverend Samuel Lawrence Green Sr.

Presiding Prelate of the 7th Episcopal District

Scripture: Isaiah 40:9-11

Theme: The Celebration of Advent

The word ‘wait’ appears over 100 times in the Bible. Used often in reference to “waiting on God,” the word emphasizes the spiritual discipline of having patience for the expectance of the Divine. For the ancient Israelites, they awaited the coming of a Messiah who would redeem and save them from the oppressive forces and evil within the world. They believed the prophetic word that a deliverer who would rescue them and lead to them a life of peace. The biblical narrative is a witness to those who had the courage to believe that hope was on the way.

Celebrating Advent is the time to reflect on the promise of hope entering a broken world during times of uncertainty. The season of Advent encourages those who are looking for an answer to pain, sadness, loneliness, and grief. Especially in the midst of the uncertain and potential fearful times within our society, we need the reassurance of the timeless gifts of the season from God.

The season can also be challenging for those of us who are used to the busyness of completing task after task. It can often be easy to look ahead towards Christmas Day, instead of paying attention to the present. In spite of our desire to slow down, we can find comfort in the transforming power of grace. God sustains us with hope, joy, love and peace! We should aim to fervently walk throughout this time of Advent, remembering the expectation of the Savior for the world. We can find strength in comfort in the prophecy that declares redemption for all of God’s people. Find the time and space to allow your soul to experience what it means to wait and allow God’s Spirit to be your guide.


God of Hope! We give you praise and adoration for your Excellent and Marvelous Ways! We ask that you grant us the patience and wisdom to reflect on the blessings in our lives during this season. We pray that you will grant us the strength to wait in expectation for the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to grow in our faith to stand on your Word which promises to always speak life into our situations. Sustain us with your grace to see beyond our circumstances and focus on You as the Source of Eternal Hope. Amen

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