7th Power!

7th Power!

7th Power! 989 660 7th District AME Church - South Carolina

The 7th Episcopal District Experiencing E7

By Presiding Elder Rosalyn Grant Coleman (The Christian Recorder)

The impact of Episcopal leadership in South Carolina is resulting in renewal, restoration, and reconciliation. For the past 18 months, African Methodism in the 7th Episcopal District has been marked by E7 – Empowering, Energizing, Enlightening, Engaging, Eloquent, Encouraging, and Electrifying Leadership!

A great leader possesses qualities that supersede any title placed on their head. It’s not about winning a popularity contest. It’s about serving and inspiring others to do and be their very best, regardless of the circumstances. More than anything, it’s about faith, trust, passion, and a purpose-driven spirit!

Bishop Samuel Lawrence Green, Sr., is purpose-driven and has demonstrated that his own interests and actions will never supersede the call of God to serve the present age. He is innovative, genuine, resourceful, compassionate, and determined to be the difference made in the life of the church. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Bishop Green stands on his religious principles and moves toward putting the Word in action! He is driven by his purpose and has made an indelible impact in the Seventh Episcopal District.

Congregations are experiencing renewal or new beginnings after being reaffirmed as congregations belonging to the AME Church tradition. Bishop Green has invested in local churches across the state, restoring trust and hope. He has awarded $10,000 to many congregations and thousands more to other congregations in need, to be used solely for the support of the local church. In addition, through the 7thEpiscopal District Mission Fund, he gave over $68,000 to churches in 2016, serving 68 congregations. In 2017, he gave $137,000 to 120 congregations, to be used as each congregation at the local church level saw fit. Many other churches throughout the state have received equipment, computers, pews, tables, chairs, and other needed supplies for operations.

To the Sons of Allen, under the leadership of District President Monroe Miller, funds were provided by the bishop to purchase materials to renovate churches, saving congregations the high cost of labor. In addition, Bishop Green invested additional funds which permitted the SOA to renovate nine apartments in the Richard Allen Building on the Allen University campus. Bishop Green’s generous contributions to the church and Allen University reflect his commitment to ensuring that the physical plants of these institutions are sound, solid, safe, and secure.

At the foundation of all these achievements has been the spiritual atmosphere that now exists, bringing down walls and breaking yokes. African Methodism in South Carolina has experienced the reconciling presence of the Holy Spirit, not only during worship but also during business sessions, skill shops, individual encounters, and outreach ministries.

African Methodism in South Carolina is E to the 7th power STRONG! We have an: empowering leader, energizing organizer, enlightening teacher, engaging technology, eloquent statesman, encouraging friend, and electrifying preacher! Due to his vision for African Methodism in South Carolina and the Connectional church, Bishop Green is driven to ensure that the legacy of African Methodism lives long and is strong. We salute Bishop Green for the excellent work he is doing for the Lord.