Why is it Important to Do Church Differently?

Why is it Important to Do Church Differently?

Why is it Important to Do Church Differently? 1700 1129 7th District AME Church - South Carolina

To understand the topic, why is it important to do church differently, we must dig deep into the history of the church, travel back in time to the early church which began on the day of Pentecost.

The day of Pentecost precipitated the revolution of the early church. It was the day when the disciples of Jesus gathered in the upper room awaiting the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. This was the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon each one of the disciples of Jesus in tongues of fire, giving them new tongues to witness about Jesus.

Before his death, Jesus had sent his disciples to all men proclaiming the good news of the kingdom. This mandate began on the day of Pentecost when the disciples received the Holy Spirit. The disciples went forth healing the sick, delivering the oppressed, casting out demons from the possessed and making disciples of all men. As a result of these signs, miracles and wonders, people sold off their personal belongings and gave the proceeds to the disciples. The disciples grew in numbers as many people came to them and became a follower of Christ.

Now the fundamental role and responsibility of the church as commissioned by Jesus is for disciples, now the church, to go out into all men proclaiming the gospel and making disciples of all men. To some extent the church still make disciples but her(the church) focus has been diverted and centered more on catering to the needs of the church as opposed to the need of the kingdom. The kingdom’s need is that of soul saving, for this is the sole reason why Christ came to earth – to save his people from their sins.

The church today preaches more motivational messages and messages on prosperity. She focuses more on what the people want to hear as opposed to what the heaven sent her to do. Though there is nothing wrong with the gospel of prosperity as long as it wins souls for Christ but when its sole focus is on money for self-agenda as opposed to the kingdom agenda, then there is a need for the church to look within, repent of her ways, turn back to God and begin to do church differently.

The new church therefore, should focus solely on spreading the gospel of good news as Jesus commanded. It should be more soul saving and less self-serving. It should focus on teaching the revelation of the kingdom of God and focus less on the transformation of the world. It should support the millennial and get them involved in the spreading of the gospel through various means of communication to which they are culturally inclined. Let those who spread the gospel through spoken word and poetry be encouraged to do so, those who do the work of the Lord genuinely through singing gospel songs should be supported and promoted for the sole purpose of the good news.